Please read this disclaimer carefully for customer warranty and protection:


Your Shade Structure will withstand normal weather conditions; however damage by severe storms, fire or vandalism will require the owner to have the structure covered by household insurance.


The warranty is split into two sections, the material manufacturer and Sail + Shade the manufacturer of the sails. The Material Manufacturer’s Warranty applies over a Ten Year period from Sun and UV damage to the Fabric. The Warranty covers cost of fabric replacement, 100% value up until five years, then reducing 20% for each year up to 10 years.

For P.V.C vinyl sails, the material manufacturers warranty applies over a five year period, with percentage warranty cover reducing each year.

Sail + Shade’s Warranty refers to the manufacture of the shade sails which is covered by a three year warranty in regard to the sticking and construction of the sails.


To conform with current legislation, a licensed builder may be required to carry out some structure installations, in which case any installation work will be the responsibility of the licensed contractor.

Choosing Colours

The brochures supplied from the manufacturer are to be used as a guide only referring to the colours shown. The sample book which has the actual fabric samples is the best way to make sure that your colour selection is correct. Colours show in the sample book may appear to be light in colour when viewed with the sun above the sail.

Because shade sails are custom made, sails will not be replaced free of charge due to incorrect colour selection at time of order.

Owners Responsibility

It is the owner’s responsibility to advise the person installing the shade structures of any known services underground or concrete slabs which may interrupt the installation of posts or other attached fittings. This information may be obtained from the property plans or council if the owner is unsure of these obstructions.

The supplied scale drawing of the proposed structure is a reasonable indication of hat the completed structure will look like in plan view. If you the customer are unsure of any details regarding the design, this should be discussed before placing an order.

Shade sails are not a maintenance free item. We advise regular hosting to remove any dust or dirt build-up within the weave of the shade fabric. Shade sails may occasionally require tensioning. This can be carried out by Sail + Shade if required, however a service fee will apply.

Quote Variation

Quotes for structures may var at the time of installation due to site costs relating to attachments to the building, difficulty of digging and any excess materials required. This will be advised by the installer and arrangements will be made to adjust the quote.